Easter Specials
Our Easter special features seasonal tastes and ingredients in the form of two new limited cookies: A Hot Cross Choc with our spiced cocoa cookie dough and semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a Mini Egg Kinder with a our signature cookie dough, chopped mini egg Cadbury, and a Kinder egg centre and topping. 
These special flavours are for a limited time only. Available at our market locations and online. Milkman's Easter Special Boxes are also available.
April 07, 2022
The Milkman's New Year's Reset
We're taking a milk break from our social media / online presence, and we hope you will join us.

It's so easy to become completely absorbed by our virtual lives and daily tasks at hand, which can lead to mental, physical, and emotional fatigue. That's why over the holidays, the milkmen are taking some time away from social media / ecommerce to unwind, reflect, and reset. We'll be offline from now until the 10th of Jan. Any online orders placed between these dates will be pre-orders, shipped out on the morning of the 10th! (Markets will still be on for the 2nd of Jan!)

We look forward to reconnecting with the milkman community in the new year, ready with some new cookies, new ideas, and great attitudes. We think you'll like what we have coming. So slow down, take care of your health, and have a happy new year friends. See you soon. Stay Milky. 
December 29, 2021
Xmas Flavours Baby
The Milkman's Xmas flavours are here. Yes. Yes. Yes. Give the gift of some festive cookies and stay milky. Our new flavours are:
Peppermint Choc: our peppermint cocoa cookie dough with semi-sweet chocolate chips, chopped mint slice biscuits, and a crushed candy cane topping.
Gingerbread White Choc: a vanilla gingerbread cookie dough with white chocolate chips.
Black Forest: our black cocoa cookie dough with Cadbury Black Forest, Glacé cherries and semi sweet chocolate chips
All flavours will be available in our bundle boxes, or in our special Xmas box. Get Festive, get milky 👀.
December 18, 2021
Our 1kg Birthday Cookie
The milkman's official birthday giveaway celebration. For our 1st anniversary, we decided to do something BIG. Our 1KG birthday flavour cookie is here! This naughty cookie features our vanilla sprinkle cookie dough, with a layer of golden Oreos, and Dulce de Leche. Surely not. We will be giving away this special cookie via our socials. Head to our insta to enter. 
Again, we are extremely grateful for all the support. It's been an absolute pleasure building this community, and you are the reason we continue to create, bake and deliver. We've added a few nostalgic photos showing a timeline of the milkman's story. Have a look, and please stay milky.
November 23, 2021
Black Friday Sale
The milkmen are having a storewide Black Friday Sale. 20% off all cookies and accessories 👀. Running from Monday to Monday 29th (online only). Use code MILKD20 at checkout, and stay oh so milky. 
November 22, 2021
The Milkman's 1st Birthday!
1 year of The Milkman's Cookies on Monday! Get outta here. Extremely grateful for all the support, so this special flavour is a thank you from the Milkman's family. Our new Birthday De Leche cookie is close to our hearts with the milkmen's childhood favourite ingredients, featuring our signature vanilla cookie dough, with white chocolate chips, sprinkles, and a Dulce de Leche centre. Nostalgia is in full effect for these special cookies. Now available online, and at our market locations this weekend. Love you. Stay Milky.
November 19, 2021
The Milkman's New Look!

The Milkmen have a new look. We will be rolling out our new branding in phases. Stay tuned, and take a look at some things to come below.

November 09, 2021
The Milkman's Classic Gift Set
Introducing the classic gift set; a box the Milkman's most popular flavours.
2 x OG Milkman
2 x Salted Carmel
2 x Nutella Choc
2x Biscoff White Choc
1x Double Choc
1x M&M
November 09, 2021
New Halloween Flavour
We've added a spooky twist on our old classic for Halloween. Introducing the Spooky Peanut Chip, featuring our signature dark cocoa cookie dough, with Reeses Pieces, and a Reeses peanut butter cup centre. 
Available online now and at our market locations. Limited time only.
November 09, 2021
Milkman's x Shuturp Market Tote
Introducing the Milkman's Market Tote. Inspired by our market community, we collaborated with Gold Coast artist, Ellie Hopley (@shuturp) to design the milkman's first ever accessory piece. Versatile in design and utility, our tote bags are perfect for carrying your Sunday market goods (and a few cookie boxes too).
In designing a community driven piece, we collaborated with artist Ellie Hopley (@shuturp)(above) to produce a featured tote artwork. The milkmen are admirers of Ellie's unique aesthetic and the important messages presented in her work.
November 09, 2021
New Market Location
The milkmen are now serving our fresh baked cookies at Jan Powers New Farm Market every Saturday 6am - 12pm.
Come get Milky. 
November 09, 2021
New Flavour: Biscoff White Choc
Introducing our new Biscoff White Choc cookie, featuring our signature cookie dough with white chocolate chips and a Biscoff cookie butter centre.
November 09, 2021